"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It’s as simple as that." - Earl Nightingale

Improve Candidate Support

Currently, our Candidate Support Committee only serves a single purpose in deciding how to doll out what little money they have. As a political party, we should encourage this committee, and all executive committee members, to offer so much more to our candidates. Working with county affiliates, I have found many people ready to help develop a full candidate support process, which includes: Quick Start worksheets for new candidates; FPPC quick start guides for treasurers; mailing list support for campaigns; and online workshops to take candidates to next level in marketing.

Engage County Affiliates

23 of California's 58 counties that are official LP affiliates. Of those, only 10 are very active. In the last two years, I have been working with many counties across the state, to help them get the tools they need to take liberty to the next level. As Chair, I will continue these efforts, through delegation to County Executive Committee members who have already reached out to me, wishing to expand on the efforts that I have started. 

Increase Membership

Only 3 counties in the state have over 2% membership of registered Libertarians. Other counties have started to take notice of this, and have reached out to me to replicate this success in their counties. As a result, we have developed action plans that any county can implement to reach this milestone. As Chair, I will be able to drive these efforts beyond the Bay Area region, and enable more affiliates to use these playbooks to achieve the goal of 2% by 2020.

Increase Registered Libertarians

California has 149,000 registered Libertarians, only 0.746% of all registered voters. We should be targeting No Party Preference, Democratic, and Republican voters who are ready to join the #walkaway movement. In Santa Clara County, we focused on these voters during the 2018 General Election, through Facebook and our Voter Guide. This resulted in over 500 political party switches
from other parties to the Libertarian party in a 90 day period! We need to make “2% registered Libertarians by the end of 2020” a statewide goal.

Target Big Donors

The Libertarian Party is never short on ideas to recruit more candidates, raise more awareness, or make changes that can greatly improve our outcomes. What we are short on is money. We have to take our strong belief in what liberty can offer the citizens of California to large donors. We have to be OK receiving money, not just from Libertarians who are members, but also liberty-minded business people both in and out of the state of California. My initial goal is to receive $100,000 from big donors in 2020. This is a very low bar in my opinion, and I am eager to reset this to a higher number as 2020 approaches.

Enable The Executive Committee

The LPC Executive Committee has been filled with activists, volunteers, and community organizers over the years. However, I have sat by and watched as these many talents have gone largely ignored. We recently had a marijuana lawyer on the team; we did nothing to take advantage of his expertise, so he left. We currently have a Committee member who does a lot of work with a libertarian think tank in Washington, DC, yet no one seems interested in bridging those efforts with the current party mission. Finally, many at-large members have attempted to start projects, or get others excited about projects they want to manage, only to be shot down and reminded that it is not their role to do such things! As Chair, I will set a personal goal to simply listen to all executive team members, either 1 on 1, or as part of the group. I want to understand how and why they choose to stand up to the challenge of achieving Liberty in Our Time, and enable them to set and achieve their own goals as part of the larger team.