Libertarian Background

Volunteer Director, California - Johnson/Weld 2016

  • Coordinated volunteers for California, with a focus on north region, as others focused on south.
  • Spoke with media, and on radio shows, promoting campagin.
  • 5 day "Freedom Tour" across northern California, hosting booths at colleges, dropping off yard signs, and doing ad-hoc precinct walking with teams I meet within each city. 

At-Large - Libertarian Party of California 2017 - 2018

  • Worked with State Party Treasurer to reduce IT Spending by 86%, saving the party over $4,000 yearly.
  • Worked with 2017 Convention Committee to introduce high-quality audio and live streaming video for first time in party history.
  • Reestablished state party website, bringing it into modern marketing formats. Recruited top talent to take over as Website Committee chair.
  • Recovered Facebook and Twitter accounts held hostage by former LP activist, and coordinated with Social Media teams to reestablish our current branding across all markets.
  • Created better membership intake process, allowing new members to sign-up faster, with less people abandoning sign-up pages.
  • Worked closely with Chair and Secretary to do a full cleanup of membership database, allowing better metrics, and real-time reporting of current memberships across the state affiliates.

Treasurer - Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County 2017 - Present

  • Redeployed county website, to include direct to county Donations and Membership sign-ups, creating a 400% increase in year over year donations, and 130% increase in direct to county membership.
  • Targeted big donors for special projects, bringing in $10,000 in new donations for county party activities.
  • Transitioned local party from "paper only" FPPC reporting, to electronic filings.
  • Added GAAP accounting principals and real-time software reporting of financials to local party. 
  • Recertified the county as an IRS 552 Non-Profit, allowing more flexibility in fundraising, and access to more non-profit resources.
  • Created D-U-N-S credit reporting ID, allowing the local party to be trusted by more vendors and banks for future needs.

Community Organizer

Founder - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) DEF CON Fundraiser 2004 - 2014

  • Created awareness fundraiser at DEF CON conference, to bring attention to EFF's efforts to protect liberties on the Internet.
  • Grew event from 50 people, and $2,100 donations to 500 people, and $120,000 raised, each year.
  • Coordinated with over 20 vendors, and 15 volunteers to create a successful event.
  • Event became the largest event for EFF in their history.

Community Affiliate - National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) 2014 - 2017

  • Only affiliate to focus on more women in the career field of cybersecurity
  • Worked with colleges, recruiters, and businesses, to retool their efforts to encourage more women in cybersecurity.
  • Mentored 12 women across the years to convert internships into full time jobs.
  • Sponsored 8 women's travel to security conferences, and provided VIP access to keynote speakers and top industry leaders.

Lead Organizer - DEF CON Security Conference 2005 - 2015

  • Managed a conference budget of $1.2 Million.
  • Organized over 120 unique groups special activities at conference.
  • Responsible for 340,000sq. of conference space.
  • Coordinated with hotel staff to manage 35,000 attendees access to floor space.
  • Drove expansion of activities, to increase conference appeal, including: Voting Booth hacking, car hacking and expanded WiFi hacking.
  • Received two lifetime conference "Black Badge" for efforts in contests.
  • Received lifetime conference "Gold Badge" for over 10 years of dedicated work as a volunteer.

Career (day job)

Cybersecurity expert, with over 20 years in the field. Over these years, I have been an expert in merchant credit card fraud, password cracking, SCADA systems security, network forensic investigations, and employee based insider attacks. Below are some highlights:

  • Spoke publicly to audiences ranging from 500 - 5,000 people.
  • Interviewed with major news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, and Consumer Reports Magazine.
  • Carry the industry certification CISSP (similar to an accountants CPA, only for cybersecurity)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in governance, risk, and compliance, with a focus on ISO27001 and AICPA SOC certifications.
  • I was the lead investigator for Symantec during the 2009 Google China hacking attacks, and had the privilege of naming the virus involved (Hydraq).
  • My cybersecurity research has be cited in over a dozen master's thesis over the years.

I have worked as a full-time employee, or special contractor at the following companies: Tesla, SanDisk, Qualcomm, Symantec, National Nuclear Security Administration, eBay, Dell Computers, and Urban Airship.