Blocking Bond Measures

I worked with Mark Hinkle and the SVTA to write arguments against a San Jose bond measure that would significantly increase property taxes. We did not only write arguments; we hit the trail, going out into the community to inform voters of what they would actually be getting: a taxpayer handout of $450 million to large building contractors. They heard our message and voted down the measure.

In the June 2018 primaries, I was the lead author against an overreaching school bond measure that asked homeowners to pay an additional $49 million in taxes. This measure asked for money for new IT investments, ignoring a bond that had passed two years before which stated that the district would not ask for more IT investment money for another 20 years. Focusing on the school district's failed promise from the previous bond measure, Santa Clara County residents agreed to not fund the new bond.

As your state Chair, propositions will be a core focus. Identifying target legislation and getting written arguments from the Executive Committee to the Secretary of State in a timely manner should be our standard moving forward.

Raising Money for Candidates

As Treasurer for five campaigns in 2018, I was able to secure over $50,000 in donations. When these campaigns ended, we were able to transfer excess money back into the local Libertarian affiliate's bank account, securing over $8,200 towards future local candidates. This will help our local affiliate recruit candidates in more races going into the 2020 elections.

Ending Corruption Locally

In November 2018, the Santa Clara County Libertarian Party was praised for spotting campaign finance corruption by the San Jose Vice Mayor. This effort took over 7 months of work and a lot of back-and-forth between me and the City of San Jose. Those efforts were worth it. The end result was a $5,000 fine against the Vice Mayor, and a warning to all others that we will be watching.

Supporting Party Growth

As part of a team, I worked closely with Santa Clara County LP activists and officers to increase party membership and voter registration. Through these team efforts, we increased membership 52% year over year. We also increased registered Libertarians 28% since 2016 elections.

As your Chair, I will help spread this success, not just to counties in the Bay Area, but to all county affiliates across the state.